Give and Take

Alright so been trying out a lot of new recipe’s and have had some successes and some not so successes. So you have to give and take on this stuff. So the Taste of Home Cookbook is AMAZING. I just wish I could type in what I needed and :: POOF :: there it is, but then reality sets in and I have to go to the store. So I tried the Meatloaf, that was a big flop. Both my husband and I wasn’t a fan. We both agreed that we are used to our families Meatloaf Recipes, so that won’t be tried again.  OH! I made this AMAZING Baked Lemon Chicken! It was great! A small amount of ingredients for a good meal.   Lasagna was also on the menu, umm that was good (hard to mess up) but it was more like a mush than layers because I wasn’t sure how many noodles to put in each layer. But, I will fix that family recipe again. Also made Chicken Coibitta (sp?) which the husband liked but I didn’t. There wasn’t much flavor but I will say it was very juicy.  I haven’t had all the ingredients that some recipes call for so I will wing it and use something else. Like for instance tonight I made Chicken Nuggets and the recipe called for 2 tsp. Thyme. I didn’t have that so I googled a good alternative for this and came up with Oregano. This worked out good. The Nuggets turned out very flavorful and I loved the sharpness of the Parmesan Cheese that was in it. I made one of my beloved staples a Low-Fat Glazed Cranberry Chicken this was good like usual but I made it with Russian dressing instead of the usual French and the hubby didn’t like it as much. So that went on the recipe card to get French Dressing next time. So that is what I’ve been doing for the past week or two for dinners. But I made a Baked Denver Omelet on Sunday and it was very good. It was useful because I found a way to cook eggs that my husband and I both liked. I get tired of eggs: scrambled, omelet or otherwise but the ham, cheese, and onion threw in a good change. Until next time that I post about dinner woes, HAPPY COOKING!


Good ol’ Sumter

**Okay so this was meant to be posted Friday but for some reason everytime I used spell check it would freeze my computer. So just to let you know this is Friday’s Post**


Alright so I REALLY need to vent about the retched place that I live in and that my BFF and I refer to as the ‘armpit’ of America.  This is just a few things that I don’t like about Sumter…

– Wal-mart to packed…takes 45min-1 hr to get through the express lanes. NO Wal-mart is as packed as this

-No real attractions (ie: Good shops downtown, entertaining, speciality stores)

-Streets need to be tended to, Pot holes that are big enough to pop my tires

-Police failing to do their duty (ie: People running red lights) Dangerous is an understatement when living here. You have to look both ways in order to go on a green light

-No craft store

-Green Arrows, the WONDERFUL things that help with the flow of traffic are NOT existent here except from 10 pm to 6 am.  Really the arrows aren’t needed there.

-No later evening digs to hang out at. I’m not talking bars, I’m thinking a coffee shop or Jazz house.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining, but this town town is incredibly busy and buzzing with new people. Why is it not flourishing? Is the ‘people’ suppressing the town? I just don’t understand.

Dog Days of Life

This weekend probably was one of the worst weekends I’ve had in a while.  Not only am I in one of the worst towns in the US, but my husband was sick all weekend. Now I don’t mind that he was sick, he can’t help it (well maybe if he was a little more concious of washing his hands. 🙂  ) Not only was I vigorously trying to take care of my husband, but I was also was not wanting to catch what he had.  I felt like my whole weekend was ::poof:: GONE!  I really try to make the most of this place but it has no aminities that I love.  I’m just tired of it here.  When the nearest ‘craft’ store is the nearest Wal-mart or the best coffee shop closes at 6, this is NOT the place for me!  I went stir crazy this afternoon and just had to get out of the house, so I ran errands. For an hour….ya real nice, I know. Granted, if family or friends were to come and visit it would all workout perfectly. There are day trips that I plan I taking them on if/when they come down. Such as Myrtle Beach, Florence, and Charelston. All of these are less than 2 hrs away. So the location is centrally located for those GREAT places!  Again going back to this armpit of America, I would love to be able to stay in the town that I’m in and everyone enjoy it, but I know that it can’t happen. 

Another sad subject that has been haunting me for about the past  two years. My dad’s beloved hunting ‘buddy’ is not doing so well.  Tucker is a 13 year old Brittany Spaniel dog that has been through all of my Dad’s good and bad times.  I got that dreaded phone call tonight asking me about my opinion on what he should do. As I was trying to stay strong for my Daddy I was trying to comfort him and talk about all of his options.   Tucker’s health has slowly been deteriorating over the last 2 years and in my head I knew it was only a matter of time. While Tucker has had a good life, Im worried most about my father. I think the world of my Daddy and I know this will be hard for him.  Gosh, Im not even there and I’ve been crying… Dad said that Tucker didn’t eat dinner and didn’t want to do what he loves most, sunbathe. Tucker didn’t even want to come out of his box today. Bandit (Tucker’s son) wasn’t acting like himself either. Dad commented that Bandit was guarding the kennel for Tucker today.  Having been around animals practically all my life I truly believe that animals have that sense of knowing when something is wrong. My dog and cats do things for me when I am upset or sad. I got Destiny my 11 year old Bichon Frise when I took care of  Tucker and Suzie’s litter of puppies.  I proved myself responsible enough have a puppy of my own, in return I got Destiny.  I guess what I’m trying to write in all this is hug your pets. Take care of them and they will take care of you. Your pets will always be there waiting for you when you get home, waiting to cheer you up, waiting to make your life just that much better. Animals are one of god’s little gifts that one shouldn’t take for granted. You never know when your little buddy could have their own problems. So be mindful of little things with them and be thankful that they are there to improve your life. With that said I’m going to go love on my 3 little bundles of fur before I put them to bed.

dinner woes

Alright, so for my first official post I’m writing about the woes of cooking. Not just cooking for myself but also for my husband. Who I might add LOVES his PASTA! So we women know we can’t have pasta EVERY night or our thighs and hind ends would consume us. With that said, I have been looking at all of our family recipes and transferring them to actual recipe cards (kudos to Jeni for the wonderful x-mas gift!) . As I sit there and reminisce about all the wonderful dinners I had with my family I’m trying to pump myself up to make some of these fantastic meals. More to come on my endeavors with burning dinners and/or the scrumptious triumphs. Also, I happened to receive a wonderful Taste of Home Cookbook from the best mother-in-law in the world, this is already catching my eye for some amazing meals! I just have to get a few items and then let the good times roll! Well off to look at some more recipes and start dreaming of being a better ‘Suzie homemaker. ‘

Welcome Jenna!!

jenifriend speaking here, folks.  I would like everyone to meet my friend Jenna.



I know you all will give her the same fabulous welcome you’ve given me into the blogosphere!!